Trip to Sitka, Alaska

IMG_3126A few weeks ago, we had the good fortune of being able to visit friends in Sitka, AK.  I had never been to Alaska before, and I didn’t realize that there are coastal islands with considerably more mild winters than we have in Chicago. The scenery was every bit as breathtaking as we had heard. While we lounged at their beautiful home, we saw bald eagles soaring outside the living room windows with rainbows arching across the coastal waters in the background.  If we looked out the window on the other side of the living room, we had great views of the volcanic mountain range.  We went to wildlife sanctuaries where we got to see a variety of birds of prey and bears.  We took hikes through the forest and walked along the beaches at low tide to admire the plethora of marine life in the tide pools and along the shore.

The best part of the trip though was enjoying the opportunity to visit and catch up with our good friends.  They have three kids in close age to our two daughters.  With the sun still up at 11:00pm, the romping and ruckus never quite seemed to settle down, which was somewhat okay, considering the adults got a couple of nights out on the town too.  My daughters are still talking about what fun they had, and we will treasure our memories of Sitka.


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Trip to Seattle, WA

Space NeedleWe recently traveled to Seattle, WA to visit some of my husband’s relatives.  Our two daughters loved Pike Place Market, where we grazed on a variety of the delicious food available for sale.  They enjoyed spending the day with their cousins at the zoo, despite my 10-year-old still limping after her recent foot surgery.  They were, however, confused about the space needle.

“That doesn’t look like a ship.  Why is it round?” queried my 7-year-old.  “Is that what a space ship really looks like?”

“Yes,” I replied, “Every space ship that abducted me looked just like that.”

Perhaps I didn’t help alleviate her confusion.  My 10-year-old gave me her typical “crazy Mom” eye roll, which I’m seeing more and more everyday since she became a tween.

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Updated U.S. Travel Map

visited 42 states (84%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or Amsterdam travel guide for Android

The last time I posted this map, I had visited 40 of the U.S. states, which accounted for 80% of the country.  Since then, I’ve seen a couple more states.  I’m now up to 42.  I still need to see the rest of the Great Plains states.  I love the scenic diversity that a country this large has to offer.

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My Long Absence

Though it may seem like it, I haven’t actually abandoned my blog.  I’ve just been living life, traveling, and preparing for a move to the other side of the globe.  I’ll fill you in on all the details in my next few blog posts.  I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer as much as I have!

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My Midnight Scare

Last night at bedtime, my seven-year-old daughter complained that she heard noises in the hallway that were keeping her awake.  I didn’t think much of it.  I tucked her in, and a little while later she drifted off into that deep rock-like sleep that only children seem to achieve.

Once the house was quiet and still, I started hearing noises.  I suspected it might be the cat and dog playing, so I put them in my room.  Then I noticed that all the driveway and porch lights were off.  We live on a heavily wooded lot, so when the outdoor lights are off, it’s pitch black outside.  My husband was on a trip, so it was up to me to find  a flashlight, go down to the cavernous unfinished basement, and play around with the fuse box.  I found the one that triggered the outside lights.  Sure enough, it was flipped, but when I put it back in place, it just made a loud buzzing sound and flipped back off.  After playing around with it a bit more, I gave up and went back up the two flights of stairs to my bedroom.

I laid in bed listening to every little sound that went bump in the night, but I finally, against all odds, drifted off to sleep around midnight, only to be awakened a short while later by a loud crash inside the house. I wasn’t sure where it had come from. I thought maybe downstairs. I, perhaps stupidly but somewhat bravely, went downstairs armed with a phone ready to dial 911 and a flashlight.  I couldn’t find anything, so I peeked outside to see if there were any critters on the deck.  We get a menagerie of wild animals in our yard from raccoons and squirrels to deer, chipmunks, coyotes, neighbors’ dogs, and even the occasional fox.  There were no animals outside though, on the deck or otherwise.  Of course, it was dark because we had no outside lights, and my little flashlight didn’t shine far.

As I made my way back upstairs in fear and confusion, I heard another loud crash coming from somewhere upstairs.  I froze at the top of the stairs and beckoned to my dog. She was hesitant to follow, but didn’t seem too concerned about anything other than me disturbing her sleep, which somewhat reassured me.  The cat peeked out of my room and into the hallway, curious to see what all the fuss was about.  Suddenly, there was another loud crash from down the hall, and the cat darted under my bed.  Whatever was causing the racket wasn’t making any attempts at being quiet, so that at least reassured me that it wasn’t a burglar.

I formed a hypothesis that maybe bats or a raccoon had gotten into the house. I ran into my bedroom closet and put on boots. I would have put on gardening gloves and a catcher’s mask too if I’d had any handy, but a girl’s got to make due with the accessories at her disposal. Now wearing my pajamas and boots and carrying the flashlight, I turned on all the hall lights. I peeked into the laundry room but didn’t see anything. I shined the flashlight towards the girls’ bathroom at the other end of the hall and saw a disarray of junk on the floor. Did my kids throw stuff on the floor before bed?  I didn’t think so. Another crash from the bathroom.  I was literally quaking in fear, waiting for a wild, possibly rabid critter to leap out at me. Why was my dog laying back down in the hallway calmly ready to go back to sleep?  Shouldn’t she be growling and defending her territory?

I crept into the bathroom and quickly shoved the door open all the way. What did I find?  My 10-year-old daughter’s pet snake, Cheetos, slithering around the tub toys.  I had totally forgotten that he had gotten out of his terrarium a couple of weeks ago.   The bathroom was a disaster!  The shower caddy was knocked over, bath products everywhere. The stack of bath toys was scattered around the floor. The laundry hamper and trash cans were knocked over. Even the Kleenex box and the toilet brush were strewn across the floor.

I picked up Cheetos, returned him to his cage, turned on his heating lamp, and refilled his water.  Meanwhile, both of my daughters were still soundly asleep.  Other than me nearly having a heart attack and feeling nauseous from coming down off the adrenaline-induced state of terror, it turned out to be a happy ending.  Cheetos was back safe and sound. No intruders, human or otherwise. No electrical malfunctions burning down the house. No scared kids in my bed.  Just scared me losing another night’s sleep, but nothing new there.


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Updated World Travel Map

visited 22 states (9.77%)

This world travel map is a great tool for putting into perspective how large the world is.  I consider myself fairly well-traveled, but as of April 2014, I’ve still only seen less than 10% of the countries across the globe.  I’m slowing making progress though.  When I first posted this map in 2008, I had seen 6.66% of the world, and in 2012 that percentage grew to 8.88%.  Now I’m up to 9.77%, and I hope to keep expanding my horizons every chance I get.

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Regal Book Giveaway 2014

Regal LiteraryRegal Literary not only represents some of the best titles of literary fiction, but they also offer some of the most generous book giveaways in the industry.  They’re currently hosting another big book giveaway.  This one features eight of their upcoming 2014 titles:

  • Savage Harvest by Carl Hoffman
  • The Ascendant by Drew Chapman
  • Beauty by Frederick Dillen
  • The Luck Uglies by Paul Durham
  • The Art of Lying Down by Bernd Brunner
  • Sorry You’re Lost by Matt Blackstone
  • The Question Book by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler
  • All Russians Love Birch Trees by Olga Grjasnowa

Be sure to check it out and enter for your chance to win.  The contest ends Feb. 21, 2014.

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